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About Hypo Awareness Week

An annual campaign organised by Orange Juice Communications and made possible with sponsorship from Sanofi to raise awareness of hypoglycaemia in the UK.

Date for 2017

Hypo Awareness Week 2017 takes place between Monday, October 3, and Sunday, October 9.


The campaign started in UK hospitals and primary care organisations are encouraged to take part.

Resource pack

Get access to an online resource pack with everything you need to roll out a successful local campaign.

Printed resource pack

Register and you will also receive a printed resource pack, including posters, balloons and t-shirts to bring your campaign to life. 

Excellence Award

Celebrate and share what you achieve during Hypo Awareness Week by entering into the Hypo Awareness Week Excellence Award.

Get involved

Become part of Hypo Awareness Week, an annual opportunity for the diabetes community to discuss hypoglycaemia in hospitals and primary care settings across the UK. Stage a local campaign to increase education about the signs, symptoms and treatment of hypos.
About the campaign

What is it?

Hypo Awareness Week is an annual campaign organised by Orange Juice Communications and made possible with sponsorship from Sanofi that raises awareness of hypoglycaemia in the UK by educating healthcare professionals through an online resource pack.


Hypo Awareness Week was first staged locally in hospitals in Portsmouth in April 2012 before being rolled out nationally by NHS Diabetes the following August. Oliver Jelley worked for NHS Diabetes and organised the first national Hypo Awareness Week, introducing the concept of an online resource pack. NHS Diabetes closed in April 2013 but Oliver continued the running of the national campaign through Orange Juice Communications.

The formula – how it works

Hospitals and primary care organisations register and are sent a link to an online pack of materials and then encouraged to hold activities and training throughout the week. A suite of materials is created and placed on a dedicated webpage. The online resource pack includes posters, leaflets, guidelines, logos, screensavers and a press release template as well as instructions to give participants ideas and tips on how to organise the week. A printed resource pack is also sent out to registered sites, including posters, leaflets, balloons and t-shirts.

The diabetes community came together in October last year to raise awareness of hypos.


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What people say about the campaign


  • We really enjoyed last year’s event

    Anna Thomas
    Pilgrim Hospital

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