About the campaign

The origins of Hypo Awareness Week

What is it?

  • Hypo Awareness Week is an annual campaign organised by Orange Juice Communications and made possible with sponsorship by educating healthcare professionals through printed and online resource packs.


  • Hypo Awareness Week was first staged locally in hospitals in Portsmouth in April 2012 before being rolled out nationally by NHS Diabetes in the following August.
  • Oliver Jelley worked for NHS Diabetes and organised the first national Hypo Awareness Week, introducing the concept of an online resource pack.
  • NHS Diabetes closed in April 2013 but Oliver continued the running of the campaign through Orange Juice Communications.

The formula – how it works

  • Hospitals and primary care organisations register and are sent a link to an online pack of materials and then encouraged to hold activities and training throughout the week.
  • A suite of materials is created and placed on a dedicated website page. The online resource pack includes posters, leaflets, guidelines, logos, screensavers and a press release template as well as instructions to give participants ideas and tips on how to organise the week. A printed resource pack is also sent out to registered sites, including posters, leaflets, stickers, pens and t-shirts.