About the campaign

The origins of Hypo Awareness Week

What is it?

  • Hypo Awareness Week, a dynamic annual initiative orchestrated by Orange Juice Communications, comes alive with the generous support of sponsors. Together, we empower healthcare professionals with vibrant printed and online resource packs, fostering an engaging and informative campaign that fuels awareness and understanding.


  • In April 2012, Hypo Awareness Week made its debut at hospitals in Portsmouth, igniting a local spark that soon evolved into a national blaze when NHS Diabetes took it nationwide that August.

  • At the forefront of this expansion was Oliver Jelley, a driving force at NHS Diabetes, who not only orchestrated the inaugural national Hypo Awareness Week but also pioneered the concept of an online resource pack.

  • As the chapter closed on NHS Diabetes in April 2013, Oliver seamlessly transitioned the campaign’s vibrant momentum to Orange Juice Communications. With unwavering commitment, he continued steering the ship, ensuring Hypo Awareness Week’s continued success and impact.

The formula – how it works

  • Hospitals and primary care organisations register, receiving a link to an online pack of materials, and are motivated to host activities and training throughout the week.

  • A comprehensive suite of materials is curated and featured on a dedicated website page.

  • The online resource pack encompasses posters, leaflets, guidelines, logos, screensavers, and a press release template, along with instructions providing participants with ideas and tips for organising the week.

  • Additionally, registered sites are sent a printed resource pack containing posters, leaflets, stickers, pens, and t-shirts.