Caring Moments Ltd

Caring Moments is a small, family run, community agency based in Lowestoft that provides support to the elderly that may suffer from diabetes. They also have a training suite that provides training and support to care staff around the Lowestoft area, and believe that good training to care staff is important to help carers understand diabetic conditions. They used Hypo Awareness Week to educate their care staff about the signs, symptoms and tratments of having a ‘hypo’. This was carried out by using a self-made PowerPoint with the aid of the resources that were available to them. After running the training their staff were presented with a certificate and they had a group photograph taken. They used the photo and the information provided to run a campaign on Facebook, the group photograph was a great success online and they had lots of people share and like it. ‘Hypo’ awareness education is important to them, they have information on how to deal with ‘hypos’ in each of their service users care folders, which gave staff and family members important information about the condition. Currently, they do care for individuals that have previously suffered with a ‘hypo’, and have trained staff that ensure their condition was controlled and managed to prevent them spending time away from their family by not going in to hospital. They may be a small company, but they have a passion for their service users health needs.