DUET Diabetes Ltd

DUET diabetes Ltd had a goal to raise hypo awareness and encourage their workforce in their locality to take part in the campaign; to then subsequently maintain best practice. As well as face to face interactions, they made use of technology to advertise the campaign on their Facebook page, their website and through local CCGs and care organizations. They planned a “Snapshot training morning” on 17th September in Norfolk; this included a session entitled “Hypo or not a hypo, that is the question!” Over 70 delegates took part in an interactive hypo ‘last person standing’ game, they also heard from an individual about what it’s like to experience hypos. They highlighted the CQC guidance for inspectors visiting care homes. The audience were informed about hypo awareness week and encouraged to take part by providing them with the website deals. For them, hypo awareness is relevant all year round, they proudly wore their T-shirts on Monday 24thSeptember when they ran a ‘Diabetes Awareness and Glucometer Training’ workshop and continued to share information via their social media and email communications throughout the week. They have also developed a diabetes information postcard that provided information for care home carers and nurses.