James Paget University Hospital

The Inpatients Diabetes Nursing Service at James Paget Hospital in Norfolk was extremely proud that they took part in the Hypoglycaemia Awareness Week in 2018. Working in a hospital context and taking in consideration the fact that hypoglycaemia national’s guidelines have been reviewed recently, they took this opportunity to make the clinical staff aware of the changes in the guidelines. They thought it would be the perfect time to raise awareness for diabetes, hypoglycaemia and for people in general.  Therefore, they made a stand with information on diabetes and hypoglycaemias and exposed it for the whole week in the staff and public restaurants at the hospital. They propped a trolley with the hypoglycaemia posters, completed with signs, symptoms and treatments, the hypo-box and its contents and they took it to all clinical areas so they could discuss hypoglycaemias with the staff. To make everything a little bit more fun and engaging, they distributed bags with hypo treatment to staff and use their selfie frame and props to take silly photos with the clinical staff after they answered their mini questionnaire. During the week they also posted all of their activity on Twitter and did informative posts for the general public using the campaign hashtag alongside their usual #raisingawarenessfordiabetes.