Northwest Anglia NHS Hinchingbrook Hospital

This year the team at Northwest Anglia NHS Hinchingbrooke Hospital focused on empowering all media staff through enhancing their understanding of the prevention, treatment and management of hypoglycaemia, so quality treatment could be provided even when the diabetic team were not available. This will help the hospital provide a seven-day service to clients. In addition to in house training sessions they also provided place mats all about hypoglycaemia and a hypo game, enabling them to target people in the staff rooms and canteen.

Encouraging relatives and family members to learn and manage Hypoglyceamia at home.

Monitor blood glucose before administration of insulin or oral drugs such as sulphonlyureas

Prevent Hypoglycaemia by knowing the Risk Factors. Changes in the patients’ medical treatment/condition, lifestyle issues, any decrease in food intake.

Observe staff teaching other staff, patients and family members to help move them from the novice stage to expert.

Work with staff on ward setting to aid learning in a practical manner.

Education tools made available for example, CPED and THE SIX STEPS OF INSULIN SAFETY.

Remember 4 is the floor.

Most patients with diabetes are admitted for reasons not related to their diabetes. Correct management of their diabetes including treatment and prevention of hypoglycaemia can help reduce morbidity and prevent lengthy inpatient stays.

Ensure equipment and medication knowledge is up-to-date to facilitate best treatment.

Note the signs and symptoms of Hypoglycaemia. remember that Hypoglycaemia does not just happen at meal times.

Treatment is provided correctly for the conscious and unconscious patient.