Oxford University Hospitals

In collaboration with different companies involved with diabetes care, Oxford University Hospitals have been able to share resource materials to members of staff and the public who attended, discussed, asked them questions about hypoglycaemia and its management. To make the event more fun, they adapted the Snakes and Ladders game and posted it up in their diabetes stands during the week. All staff and the public who participated found it really fun and informative. What was most appreciated was the 1:1 discussion they had with them regarding the topic that they landed on in the game. They focused on two things this year. One being continuing the information dissemination regarding their trusts hypoglacemia management S.T.A.R. approach that they had launched last HAW 2017. No Lipo…No Hypo! Making patients and staff aware of the benefits of preventing lipohypertrophy that will definitely help prevent episodes of hypoglycaemia. Explaining that insulin doses will mostly be absorbed if being injected into a subcutaneous area without lipo (lumps). This will then establish the correct insulin requirement a patient needs.