Pan North Central London Hospitals

The transformation programme of DISNs in North Central London took part in Hypo Awareness Week 2018. This programme was hosted by Royal Free Hospitals comprising  of partner hospitals: Barnet, Chase Farm, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, North Middlesex, UCLH and Whittington Hospital. Not all sites had participated in Hypo Awareness Week previously and learnt from the others in making a successful week. The new trainee DISNs funded by NHS transformation monies ensured that each site participated. In Royal Free sites the free CDEP hypo module was promoted within intranet posts and twitter, the CEO was targeted by the new trainee DISNs Anna and Anastasia, many hypo modules were completed within this period; the North Middlesex team raised awareness by targeting ward staff with their hypo trolley, posters and information; Barnet hospital organised their annual display with a hypo quiz for patients and staff; Stefania at Whittington hospital developed a crossword competition for all ward areas, and all staff got involved in teaching across the hospital; At UCLH Rose and Erika participated in hypo clinical audits, mini teaching sessions which took place across the hospital targeting in excess of 50 staff , issuing  a CPD certificate valid for 15 minutes; National Hospital (Neurology & Neurosurgery) held walking teaching session with a game of What is the right treatment? A very successful week took place in transformation programme hospitals, the week was led and championed by the seven new Trainee DISNs who embraced the campaign and made it a success Pan North Central London Hospitals.