Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Torbay Diabetes Nurses participated in Hypo Awareness Week 2018 to improve staff, patient and visitor knowledge of hypoglycaemia to enhance patient care. They had a tabletop display in the hospital front entrance with information about hypo’s including different insulin types and profiles, lipohypertrophy, their new VRIII chart, self-administration policy and hypo treatment. The display included a hypo box and policy/guidelines, a lipohypertrophy box for people to feel, needle depth box and their diabetes resource folder, which is on all wards. The folder was recently introduced and contains relevant information to help staff including a list of policies for diabetes, copies of their referral criteria, flow charts for treatment options and self-administration and hypoglycaemia episode record sheets. One of their DSN’s also attended the F1 junior Dr teaching session on Diabetes emergencies with a consultant to highlight the resource folder, policies and common errors which can lead to hypoglycaemia. They also had recently introduced a new VRIII chart as per JBDS guidelines so this was highlighted and explained. Prescription errors were highlighted as a common cause of hypos and solutions for avoiding these were discussed. DSN’s had carried out individualised ward education sessions on hypoglycaemia for staff and it is part of the agenda for their diabetes link nurse meetings. They also have access to blood glucose readings remotely so are able to search for hypoglycaemia episodes daily to ensure prompt action at an early stage thereby reducing hospital length of stay.