Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

For Hypo Awareness Week, Worcesershire Health and Care NHS Trust set out to; audit hypo treatments available in all clinical areas across the trust and carry out stock checks. Create a standardised list of hypo box contents that clinical areas must have available to ensure and uphold patient safety. Increase knowledge across the trust by reaching as many staff, patients, carers and visitors using our community services, through pop up stalls and displays all week and involve the wider community by visiting a local primary school and providing them with an education event for the teachers and children. Host a hypo mascot competition to help the trust with our hypo awareness campaign. They audited 25 clinical areas to see what they had available to treat a hypo. This led to the creation of a trust wide, standardised hypo box contents list. The hypo flowcharts created for last years’ hypo awareness week have been updated and staff have fed back that they have been a helpful guide in the management of a hypo in both patients own homes and clinical areas. Hypo packs were delivered to areas across the trust. They had an amazing response from St Clements School. They provided an assembly to around 200 children and the mascot competition meant the children were talking about hypos throughout the week. Their winner was Suzie the Super Sugar Cube. Suzie has been everywhere in the trust and helped them to gain interest. During the week they visited 50+ teams, 6 Community hospitals, community district teams, mental health services, learning and disabilities services and spoke to over 200 staff and visitors.