Wye Valley NHS Trust

This year the Wye Valley NHS Trust marked Hypo Awareness Week by launching a series of strategies to promote safer hypoglycaemia care for patients with diabetes in their trust: ‘Hypo Boxes’, a ‘Hypoglycaemia Care Bundle’ and a ‘Hypo warning sticker’. These measures arose from work developed by their DSN team. A survey amongst nurses (Lange & Pearce 2017) established significant gaps in knowledge around hypoglycaemia management. Small scale audits highlighted a series of problems: inadequate management of hypoglycaemia, variation in practices which were not always aligned to latest evidence; diabetes treatments not always reviewed post hypo, insulin omissions post hypo, lack of implementation of measures to prevent recurrent hypoglycaemia, lack of communication between members of care team about hypoglycaemic episodes, poor or non-existent documentation. They developed and successfully piloted strategies to address some of these problems: a hypoglycaemia care bundle and a ‘hypo warning sticker’ as well as use of a hypo box. They obtained a grant to purchase hypo boxes for their clinical areas and they decided to roll out these measures across the trust. As many trusts nationally, they have been struggling with vacancies in their diabetes team. So they joined forces with the trust’s education team and pharmacy to ensure they went to every clinical area to disseminate and provide education on their new measures to promote safe hypoglycaemia care. They used screensavers and social media, as well as a stand to promote their measures and deliver education to staff and members of the public. They will be working with the Quality Improvement Team to collect data on the impact of these measures.