Excellence Award 2017


West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

The campaign organised by the Trust had three key three aims:

  • To refresh all clinical and non-clinical staff’s knowledge about the symptoms and treatment of hypos
  • To help our Type 1 diabetes patients manage and understand hypos
  • To audit all hypo boxes throughout clinical areas of the hospital

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Highly Commended

Hinchingbrooke Hospital 

The hospital team documented their campaign using photos and arranged for a fun and education event to take place everyday across five days. They also ran a competition, encouraging people to guess the number of jelly babies there were in a jar, to add a fun and engaging element to the week.

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Highly Commended

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board in South Wales

Raising awareness of hypoglycaemia is something staff take seriously all year round and they have have co-ordinated awareness of the condition among their co-workers in a bid to reduce numbers within hospital.  The four diabetes teams, led by a Project Lead, have a targeted and a co-ordinated effort across the health board in managing and preventing hypoglycaemia.

Point of care testing involves diabetes education and hypoglycaemia prevention and management. In 2016 they rolled out hypo awareness week in all main hospitals and this year they increased reach to further areas, including mental health, paediatrics and community nursing.

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Highly Commended 

East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust

The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital took part in this year’s Hypo Awareness week to raise awareness of the causes, symptoms and management of hypos in hospital.

Awareness of the condition was run across the entire week, reaching all wards using several ways to engage and educate. These included:

  • Bite-size 10 minute teaching on the wards using ‘Hypo Snap’ – a game developed by Sarah Gregory (In-Patient DSN) using graphics from the DiabetesUK support tools
  • Walking all the wards with the Hypo Awareness t-shirts and asking staff about hypos.

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