University Hospitals of Derby and Burton

Raising awareness of hypoglycaemia is part of their Queen Hospital Diabetes Inpatient specialist team’s goal at Burton-on-Trent site of University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, they started planning 6 weeks in advance. They first did a local version of NaDIA (national inpatient diabetes) audit at their Burton hospital site looking at severe hypo/hypos and insulin/prescription errors in August 2018. They also launched the Hypo Harms audit in September 2018. They then did an inpatient hypoglycaemia episodes audit collecting all hypo over the last year using central web precision to identify severe hypos and ward areas that need more education.  They did a hypo box audit and hypo treatment documentation audit. They held additional hypo awareness education sessions, held in all identified wards in August/September in addition to their usual education programmes. For the hypo awareness stall information an electronic invitation via individual emails were sent to all matron/charge nurses/ clinical leads/managers to make them aware of hypo in the hospital so that they can disseminate information to juniors and colleagues and encourage them to participate in the event. Special communications intranet web-links and a hospital wide screensaver was set up to inform all staff about hypoglycaemia awareness day activities and giving them link to hypo management protocols. A hypo stall containing information on hypoglycaemia awareness was organised on 26th September in the cafeteria from 10:00 to 12:30 while using a locally developed hypoglycaemia quiz which was administered to create awareness. More than 75 clinical staff from most areas individually filled in the quiz which got spot checked and corrected and a participation prize of cookie/drink was given to all. They used this time to raise awareness for effectively treating hypoglycaemia by displaying the hypo box and treatment methods/hypo education. The hypoglycaemia T-shirt was worn by all diabetes staff for most of the week. They held another event on 27th September for the Think Glucose link nurses. This ensured each ward, clinical area including outpatient departments and community hospitals participated. Again they had quiz plus formal presentation on hypos, discussion on hypo boxes, recent audits results and how point of care is used while promoting the online learning modules.  This helped to ensure the standards for the hypo boxes are met, including the audit form completion. They ended the hypoglycaemia awareness week 2018 by sending a generic thank you email to all staff at Burton site through communication department giving them link to Diabetes Uk online hypo treatment QUIZ and local guidelines/resources but we will continue improving/engaging/education around inpatient hypoglycaemia all year around.